11 months and 25 days…

I tried to write this post since it was just 11 months. I almost feel bad that I am not sad! In five more days it’ll be a year. I didn’t think I’d make it this far at all. I didn’t think I’d even be here to be writing this but here I am. I have several people to thank for that. They knew I was strong. They knew that this would pass and I would look back a year later and I’d be OK. That’s true I am OK. I’m more than OK. It’s not so dark anymore. It’s hard to explain, really. There are two beautiful souls, in particular, that walked me out of it. I don’t know if it’s trust I don’t know if it’s something I believe I saw, maybe it’s just something I believed. These two people ….I don’t even know if they know that I looked at them and I just felt completely and utterly safe. Jenna, she is as real as anything. I fell in love with that face the first time I met her! The other connection is real, just not nothing, but I found something good. The darkness is gone. I don’t even think that this mysterious person even knows what they do for my heart everyday. Nor, what they are for me. Quite frankly, I don’t even know how it started. I may not understand, but that doesn’t change anything.

One response to “11 months and 25 days…”

  1. Hey this is me from the other post. I was wondering if you were okay and I clicked to check your page. I’m so glad to read this. Thank God for Jenna and the other beautiful soul.

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