Day 131 August 26, 2022

Woke up at 5 AM. Went to bed at 10 PM. Worked yesterday for American made in Prescott cleaning houses so I can pay for Sustany house rent I needed something because I really like it here. I feel safe. Safe like I did it Decision Point. The owner is so amazing! she actually got me the job to clean houses – all I had to do was ask! She is amazing and has amazing resources! She goes above and beyond to help out!

Yesterday, was a really good day! The gal who picked me up, Jenna was definitely a kindred spirit! She made me laugh and she was fun to be around. We had a Bill‘s Grill for lunch too. Boy, that was nice to eat out – seriously! I felt healthy again yesterday – not sad, not depressed, not 1 ounce of feeling hopeless. The whole thing was such a relief to my soul! Even cleaning help keep my brain clear! Just focused on a task get it done then move onto the next. Felicia will pick me up this morning as Jenna has court. So another day of cleaning houses!

I’m really excited to clean houses dash so my soul can heal a little bit more. Even while camping in the beautiful nature I kept myself isolated.I didn’t come out of my shell – I’m tired of being stuck in my shell! I know it’s not healthy for me! I’ve just been stuck there so long – maybe I didn’t know any different. I’m showered and clothes are in the dryer! At 7 AM and I’m ready to go! I love the way I feel this morning… I feel live in hall – by which I mean not stuck! I’m not vomiting when I brush my teeth or diarrhea every movement and eating food! Mostly I still eat like a bird, not yesterday though that burger was damn good! I loved it! Oh and I bought some dessert from Safeway fucking delicious

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