Day 131 August 25, 2022

Arrived at Sustany Sober Living at 6 PM on August 23, 2022. Michael drove me here after doing some errands. I needed to get my laptop and passport and Social Security card from Mike’s attorneys office, and I needed to get my things from the Oxford house. Oxford house was a fiasco. They wouldn’t give me my things! I finally called the Prescott Valley police. They actually really moved really fast then! One of them said I stole from them – what the fuck did I steal? Who the fuck knows those girls were crazy! Needless to say they stole for me as I don’t have everything that’s OK. In the beginning I couldn’t understand and I would get angry when I couldn’t get my things. I’m getting used to it now! But the anger and look on their faces when an officer/deputy arrived priceless!

Sustany house is amazing the owner lives here and she really takes care of everyone. Some ladies have been here for a long time – it gives me hope I can last year! At least until I can get an apartment of my own! I filed for temporary orders. I filed for $2000 a month and $5000 in attorney fees in addition to the car. So I am writing a letter to the judge as we speak. Well I guess right would be more accurate in this case. I got somewhere yesterday –but it’s hard. There’s a fine line between emotion and facts and wanting to stay in a relationship with Mike, not trying to screw him over and trying to get help financially from him.

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