Day 126 August 20, 2022

I got the job at Kohl’s Dash store support lead! I am fucking stoked – job doesn’t start for two weeks those September 6! So I need something in the meantime. I need to call Sustany Sober Living and see what they will say! IOP is said as soon as I can drive or find a virtual IOP to attend! So I’m pretty set in a sense! That makes me happy. It’s the next two weeks I worry about.

It’s hard with Michael drinking and smoking pot – I still want to partake. So far I am really good – I just keep thinking about the laughter I have with Mike and Connor – I don’t want to miss that anymore – I want that back! That in and of itself keeps me sober!!!

So on Tuesday I’ve been awarded with Mike conciliation counseling. He could have refused but he did not what does that mean! Well it means I better start getting questions and answers ready… Where do I start! Questions he may ask? I don’t know? I can’t even think of anything at the moment I’m nervous and scared and excited all at the same time.

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