Day 118 August 11, 2022

Finally got paid. So I could go get a rental car. Mike’s attorney said I couldn’t pick up my computer and laptop on that day as they weren’t available. Still trying to get my phone from Tracie but I can’t seem to get a hold of her. So I’m on my way to Mesa to see if I can get some of my stuff anxiety is through the roof I haven’t had any of my medication’s for over a week now and hopefully when I get to meet I’ll be able to take them. I get to Mesa and only one person is at the house I grab what I can as fast as I can and leave I get to a certain point I stop the car and I grab my lockbox only to find that it’s empty. My jewelry is gone my medication‘s are gone. When I get back to the house I realize a girl stole all of my clothes and packed my stuff with her clothes. I know I only have four pairs of shoes and a handful of my own clothes. My sheets are gone except for my pillows and pillowcases that I had to takeoff Another girls bed. I am missing so much stuff I am beside myself. I think I’ll text Mike tomorrow and try to see if he can help me. The bedbug bites are finally starting to go away that house is so nasty I can’t even begin to tell you.

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