Day 109 August 3, 2022

Unreal to get to airport terminal four, so I can get to Preskett. I need to go to the courthouse for parenting class sign up. Then go to the police department to get truck and boxes. Hopefully I will get to talk to Mike? Probably very doubtful. I can wish though! I wonder if he will watch me through the Arlo? I miss them so very badly. I wonder if he misses me. Michael is going to pick me up at Groome transport Main office. Mike would be pissed Dash Nana Dash Mike doesn’t care. Oxford house is 160 per week and 640 a month – that’s better than where I’m at. I hope the interview goes well though!

Today is an utter fiasco! Michael met me at the courthouse and I got my parenting class date set and ready. Then we went out to eat at Fresca Café. I drove by the house and the truck wasn’t there again! Mike has hidden in the truck for me so I would take it. By law since it’s part mine, dual ownership on the title I should be able to just take the truck. Since he has hidden the truck I have no access to it!

Seriously I no longer understand! So Michael and I could not do the civil standby because I have no means to get my things so “best “number one. But wait it gets better I texted Tracie to see if I remember if is the code code word here. If she could leave Ash Fork and meet me at a shopping center in Prescott to take me down to Mesa swipe and get all my things. Oxford house so that they would take me and I just need my things. She agreed but here’s where things get a little Squirrley… And I should’ve known just saying because when she got me we had to go to Walmart she needed a new headlamps for the car because one was out …. Yes that should’ve been my first clue. But then there was the fact that she traded license plates because the tags were bad or should I say out of date for the car she was driving. Clue number two. She decided that we should get a cheap motel in Ashfork stay the night wake up really early and go then directly to Mesa in the morning. The hotel she thought it wasn’t so cheap. So the next plan was just to drive to Mesa in the middle of the night grab my shit and she would stay at her grandmas and I would stay at a cheap motel in Mesa. And then drive back that is Not what happened!

Well shit fire. The radiator completely blew out. The car severely overheated. And we were only in Preskett Valley. So Phoenix was now completely out of the question. I had to call and use AAA and that took forever as no one wanted to bring us here to/back to Ash Fork finally we got a tow truck driver under the pretend we just needed to go to Chino Valley. How ever the tow truck driver agree to take us to Ash Fork upon ask him when arrived he agree, Hesitantly, I might add but he did take a Ash fork we made it to the gas station filled the radiator with water. And drove to the motel to get me a room for the night. That’s where I go from bad to worse. Not only am I now stuck in Ashfork. I left my phone in Tracie‘s car. So I am yet again crying – not knowing what to do. Do you see a pattern here I’m starting to see a pattern. I always keep a couple anxiety pills and a sleeping pill in my wallet for just in case so thankfully I can take a trazodone and call it a night so we’ll see about tomorrow!

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