Day 107 August 1, 2022

Narcotics anonymous just for today basic text page 7 “our addiction enslaved us. We were prisoners of our own mind and were condemned by our own guilt. “

Guilt is one of the most commonly encountered stumbling blocks in recovery. One of the more notorious forms of guilt is the self-loathing that results when we try to forgive ourselves but don’t feel forgiven.

How can we forgive ourselves if we feel, forgiven, it? First, we must remember that guilt and failure are not links to an unbreakable chain. Honestly, sharing with a sponsor and other attics chose this to be true.often the result of such sharing is a more sensible awareness of the part of ourselves have played in our affairs. Sometimes we realize that our expectations have been too high. We increase our willingness to participate in solutions rather than dwelling on the problems.

Somewhere along the way we discover who we really are. We usually find that we are neither the totally perfect nor the totally imperfect beings we have imagined ourselves to be. We need not live up two or down to our illusions, we need to only live in reality.

Just for today: I am grateful for my assets and accept my liabilities. Through willingness and humility. I am free to progress in my recovery and achieve freedom from guilt.

My Daily Focus

How am I feeling mentally?

Not sure. Stressed I guess and a series of emotions all mixed up

How am I physically?

Tired and weak

How am I spiritually?

Always trying to pray

What are my goals for the day?

Lawyer call, finding money, calling LOWES Preskett, and texting Angie

What is my gratitude/greatness/affirmation?

To Mike forever keeping me on my toes and no matter what always keeping it fucking exciting

Each day a new beginning by Karen Casey

I need to accept all that I am blessed with even going with the flow instead of resisting is so hard. Hard every day. I have a laundry list of things I need to accomplish and yet my head wants to stick it in the dirt like an ostrich. I wish I could just have a spiritual awakening something that shows me draws me and allows me to succumb finding my place knowing my actions are most important because the words fail a lot.

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