Day 106 July 31, 2022

Didn’t sleep last night but that’s OK got a few things many actually accomplished. Still need to write Mike a letter and Connor another two letters.

How am I feeling mentally?

Still riveted from last night

How am I physically?

I look good in that great

How am I spiritually?

Not well

What are my goals for today?

Make it to BioLife figure out money

What is my affirmation/gratitude/greatness?

I don’t have one today

Sadness anger – then – wishful thinking and hope! I keep asking the damn about over and over again if he still loves me. If there is a chance. Will I still get to grow old with him. Instead of facing facts he has abandoned me he has left me with nothing. He hasn’t spoken to me since April 12. He signed divorce papers while I was in a mental facility because I had a breakdown. How can we get past all of this – please dear God for the love of everything holy please guide me. Tell me what to do tell me how to do it – I can’t just sit idle anymore. I can’t keep crying over a man who doesn’t love me anymore.

My divorce notes:

  • Court ordered parent class
  • Deferral fees, did I get?
  • I need to take the parenting class
  • Court paperwork was notarized on the 16th and sent with the With deferral paperwork food stamps have been approved by ACCHS and food stamps

Ricky House manager is such a douche bag and a child – wants to treat everyone like a child. Heater actually tried to tell me and made me show him the actual appointment at 6:30 AM tomorrow with an attorney. This house is a shit show and a joke. A brand new life might like a burden new life.

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