Day 96 July 23, 2022

So I’m really in a bad place. I don’t like it here at all. I would have preferred my car – anywhere but where I have landed! I keep getting lower and lower! Mike allowed me so much! He works so hard I wouldn’t be where I am at now! I can’t even pay the rent at this shit hole! I wanna promise to pay! I can Better handle this due to it’s 165 a week versus 210 – I know it’s only $45 doesn’t make a difference but it does in my world now. I have fines and classes to pay for, not to mention $45 for cigarettes alone. I am almost out of food and smokes again. Good thing I bought vapes at Decision Point.

The neighborhood is lower middle class but for the most part everyone takes pride in their homes. I walked 1.2 miles out of my way yesterday. I just got lost I don’t know my way around here I seriously don’t like Phoenix or Mesa for that matter. However I did get to the meeting on time! Well I meant to get to the 7 PM meeting but I definitely made it to the 8:30 PM meeting after being lost. I guess I’m too funny! I’m not drinking enough water and have major calf muscles on fire and my left foot keeps going numb.

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