Day 95 July 21, 2022

I do miss Mike and Connor desperately today. I can see their faces a Animated while and a fun conversation. A conversation I am having myself – with myself in my own mind. That makes me so happy. I am keeping my nose clean and squares tomorrow I need to ask hopefully given the chance to be with my family again. They are my world no matter Dash anything! Here in my life! They are my “it “!

What is something you’re planning to do for fun soon?

I’m planning my visit I am headed for Spain, and expected to start off on my way to enjoy a good visit with you send me off with God’s blessing Dash Romans 15:24

fun? Well I am excited to go back to work tomorrow, it’s been horrible not working. I can’t wait to keep busy and meet new people! This really excites me – and yes I think my job at Lowe’s is fine. I interviewed for a sister company it was called XTD they do the deliveries. I believe I nailed the interview but we shall see and see how much they offer me, as well as, benefits package. I need to have really good benefits like well LOWES already has because it’s bigger than Mike’s company so hopefully a better benefits package! Who knows I used to make plans, I had plans And I foil that to shit Dash rake them right over the coals. Whatever happens I’m just stoked to be at work tomorrow! I have a lot of writing to get done today! I’m lacking some motivation as I’ve tried to not take my antianxiety meds and only half of the Abilify – that’s not working either.

My Daily Focus

How my feeling mentally?

A little scattered

How am I feeling physically?

Restless Dash ready to go to work

How my spiritually?

I need to pray more

How am I/one of my goals today.

Read a budget a payment plan and a second job

What is my information/greatness/gratitude?

My new friends – they are seeing me at my worst and still want to be my friend

Motivational speech #3

Fight back by fearless motivation

I know you were tired of being victims. Tired of being told you can’t achieve your dreams. You won’t achieve your goals. That the things in life you want to do you can’t do. That the things you want in life are unreachable. I know you’re tired of hearing this. That is why I’m talking to you today. Because today I want you to fight back! Fight back for what you believe in! Fight back for what you want to achieve! Fight back! Fight for your dreams. Fight for your goals. Do you just fight for yourself. Fight for your friends. Sometimes you’re fighting for your family. Make certain you fight back!

Yes I know I told you, you can’t do this you might as well give up. You will never achieve what you set out well… That’s the thing about greatness, about being a champion. They don’t expect you to make it. Go out and do it anyway. Prove them wrong! Prove them wrong! Greatness is not just about the money it’s about their achievements. It’s about doing something others doubted. Stop listening to the doubters let them eat their own words. You can do it. I guarantee – you can do it. If you put 100% in today is the day you. Today is the day you succeed. Today is the day you prevail. Today’s the day you walk over your enemies. And you reach that moment in your life you become that person. That others can look too and say… He went through it/she went through it. ICan do it.

We fed off each other and we look back up to someone great like they’re special but they are just like you. You’ve got that greatness inside of you. Take that greatness inside of you, get that greatness and get it to come out. And the only way to do it is to take the next step. You take one step towards your goal. You take one step towards your dreams. Take one step and forward direction. Make sure everything you do you try to reach for greatness. You try to succeed.You are your best effort forward. Not just today but every day. Fight back every day, and every other day. I tell you nothing beats character nothing beats hard work. Today or any other day.

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