Day 103 July 28, 2022

I don’t know where I missed a date or a day but somehow I did. So we are a little bit more ahead than we thought.

Acknowledge your fears by Melody Beattie

Morning meditation at 6:45 AM what are my fears? I’m living in fear and fighting through my fears right now. What the fuck! I’m drowning in my fears.

My fears:

  • Losing my family
  • Losing my son
  • Losing my husband
  • Bees and bees stings
  • The dark night life here
  • All the drug addicts
  • Being robbed
  • Being hurt by someone
  • Losing my hope
  • Losing my joy
  • White vans (vehicle not shoes)
  • This house I live in
  • This journey so far
  • Not having things
  • Not having a car, being able to drive
  • Drinking again

8 AM morning AA meeting at easy does it. Traditions, old traditions work well steady, try, and true. Sometimes we don’t know better so we should just dick to what we know and go with the flow – not always does your opinion count. Watch resistance let things flow from one side to the other. Resistance is typically what people don’t understand. Stop chasing things slow down just refrain from drinking and you are a success you are successful by not drinking today.

Stability is needed for sobriety. Pain and suffering you will learn how to give yourself too little time to improve your character defects. Character defects provide you to be who you are. And don’t forget to be who you are.

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