Day 60 June 16, 2022

“To improve is to change.” – Winston Churchill

Shannon’s Daily Focus

How am I feeling Mentally?

Super excited to rent a car after class.

How am I physically?

Feel good, look good!

How am I spiritually?

Meditating – need to do more of

What are my goals for today?

Make list of all things to get done so I can streamline everything with car.

Affirmation, Gratitude, Greatness?

Did I mention car?

10 habits of mentally strong people characteristics of people who are mentally strong are: 

  • A unique combination of passion, tenacity, and stamina 
  • Being proactive  
  • Don’t procrastinate  
  • Do the hard tasks 
  • Trusting your decisions 
  • Using your gut feelings – intuition 
  • Focusing on the details 
  • Leader of men 
  • Your rudeness is about you not me impact on our lives we are the only ones – we are accountable 
  • Keeping your mind in check emotionally 
  • Good mood making outweighs overconfident 
  • Pretending not a problem very head and sand – neglect to deal with 

A person needs to practice these every day. 

Coping Skills 

  • Daily routines meeting best friends in rehab slash treatment centers 
  • Maybe not family 
  •  A therapy animal 
  • Whatever you put first in sobriety, whatever something that is, you will lose first. 

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