June 5, 2022 a Poem “Altered Reality”

By Shannon Coon

Am I here, am I now

Did I enter a window somehow

Who is this person looks like me

I’m sitting, thinking – no family

Can’t be me but wait you’ll see

My altered reality

I see dreams reaching out at me

Altered state reality

Am I awake in this awkward state

Free not fall

My wicked way, alcohol

Fall asleep and make the vow

I see dreams, they see me

Their dreams no reality

Where I want to be

Want to be the dream

Altered state, altered reality

To be here, to be now

Not be temp by hate

My alcohol, forsaken all

That’s me, altered state

No means to communicate

Sorry evenings, sorry days

Sorry, sorry in a daze

Tormented and twisted

Apologetically flawed

Asked to stay even at odds

Sameness, blameless, lameness

It isn’t me in this altered reality

It isn’t different, it isn’t same

Full of loss, tears, and pain

You couldn’t keep that one true vow

Now you live in this here now

Yes, that’s me stuck, Altered reality

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