Day 47 June 4, 2022

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you out there.” – Rumi

Today I did one of my (actually three) of my sober bucket list item/s.

  1. New belly ring in (hole was still there)
  2. Got my nipples pierced
  3. Acrylic nails back on

Wow! I love my nipples they look amazing! I even got the matching aurora stone for my belly button as well! Sexy as fuck! If Mike could see me now!

My stress level is hit the roof and my anxiety was over the top with all I needed to do but Lizzie the House manager hang out with me and we swam in the pool the whole rest of the day and had roasted veggies – Yum!

I got to Tracie on the phone. Poor thing is sick again she’s now in quarantine at Decision Point and no one can talk to her/see her. They put her all by her self in Avni’s old apartment and she is zooming all of the meetings and classes. I hope Tracie feels better she was like hell yeah when I told her about my nipple piercings! She made me send a picture! She’s so funny!

Mercedes, Lizzie, and I were talking about churches and tomorrow after deep clean and morning house meeting we are going to check out this really cool church with crystals and stuff… I am super excited! Mike would’ve hated it and teased me the whole time!

Well, I’m getting ready for bed and won’t forget to write tomorrow.

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