“The Kendra “Repair ME” Plan”

My recovery comes first. So that everything else I love in life doesn’t have to come in last period – anonymous

  • 1. Give up control and allow someone else to take the reins and relax.
  • 2. Become more spiritual within myself and believe that whatever the outcome I will be OK.
  • 3. Stop self sabotaging myself with alcohol.
  • 4. Accept that I am an alcoholic and I didn’t ruin my life and I will be OK.
  • 5. Work on my recovery only, not worry about outside matters.
  • 6. Work on my steps with my sponsor work on my derma and Buddhism work on my smart recovery.
  • 7. Remember nothing defines me but me!
  • 8. I know I am with love, self-respect and dignity.
  • 9. Open myself up to love, and meditation/dressed and new opportunities.
  • 10. Work on my Sobriety Bucket List that will promote new experiences and exciting opportunities.
  • 11. Focus on the new Shannon and not the old Shannon.
  • 12. Stay clear of potential toxic environments.
  • 13. Attend AA meetings during the meetings and a meetings SL a a meetings, find some meetings that are fun like meditation go and stick with it.
  • 14. Continue to journal and write getting my feelings on paper.
  • 15. Start believing that I am enough.
  • 16. Get back to doing the simple things that I love – don’t rush through them sit and enjoy and savor! Even as simple as an ice cream cone!
  • 17. If and when I get frustrated look at the situation differently and from another perspective!
  • 18. Work on my book and get published a sense of pride and accomplishment that I couldn’t do because it was focused on drinking.
  • 18. Go to the gym and work out any stress.and my grievances.
  • 20. I used to just dance to make me happy – I’m going to dance again like no one’s watching!
  • 21. Really find pure joy in the little things don’t let my own emotions override the beauty of now!
  • 22. Start reading again, it’s always been a great place to escape and get my mind right.
  • 23. Grow from my discomfort and practice a little tough love on myself!
  • 24. Remember who I am, who I’ve always been, and that I can succeed in my recovery free from addiction of alcohol!

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