Day 17 May 4, 2022

I slept six hours. Good morning to myself! Today is DBT or Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Well, I can’t stand this session. It’s theories I don’t agree with. Understandably, a science, one I just can’t stand and Dr. Summers sucks.

I slept OK it was hard to sleep, I suppose it will be given the day that’s coming up! No one special for me no special day for me. No delicious strawberry crêpes with chocolate made with love sprinkled with powdered sugar kisses and served with pride by Mike and Connor!

I wanted to go to the park this year too, I had an idea already in my head. So when they asked me, I could see it with a little more certainty that my usual, I don’t know what you guys want to do or what do you guys want to do?. So this day will pass the ball is out of my court.

I will find out today if they have taken my privileges to the gym. However they have a issue of quite frankly not telling us anything or telling us a week later so we’ll see but… Due to the fact, they’re idiots, and they believed a bunch of idiots, the ladies, about Avni and I covering up some ass and I lied, that didn’t happen. So I’m on pins and needles about that. I want this to go as Kendra said she will fight for me. I don’t want someone to have to make that car at that I need money for an Uber to Phoenix to change facilities.

8:20 AM to 8:50 AM Daily Focus with Jess

How am I feeling mentally?

Good for the most part

How am I feeling physically?

Great but I’d feel better if I got to work out today

How am I feeling spiritually?

All I can say is… Well?…

What are my goals for today?

I have several – need to write them –

What is my gratitude my greatness and my affirmation?

Declan he made Connor’s graduation card and it looks so cool. I hope I can send it to Connor!

Appointments for today: No Appointments

9 to 10:45 AM Dialectical Behavioral Therapy with Dr. Summers

DBT = radical acceptance

DBT = Says suffering is to try to change what we cannot change.… I can see that but the actual meaning of suffer/suffering.

Quote for the Day and Dialectical Behavior Therapy: “The route of suffering is attachment“

Attachment equals choice/suffering equals pain in my logical Webster definition. Maybe more Buddhism, but not all in format with. Yet, on schedule and in thought meaning left to right.

Activities for the day we broke up into a group…

1045 to 11:45 AM Anger Management with Krista

Today we get a hand out and that’s what we discussed.

To – Do’s for The Day

  1. Make google search for case histories.
  2. Do Kendra’s homework from yesterday.
  3. Do more laundry
  4. Make dinner
  5. Don’t forget to make lunch
  6. Try to make changes to my grocery order
  7. Check the voicemail on my phone
  8. Write my character guide for my book

2 to 4 PM Family Sculpting with Kendra Wade and Andy

Wow, my first time in therapy session. Will this kind of therapy session anyway. It is so therapeutic everyone has a role in the attic/alcoholic play, and then they all say whatever the person tells them. It’s a one line of what they would or would have said the last time he or she spoke to them. Then they all have to say it he/she at the same time repeatedly. Then ask how the person feels and they must sit down and have a personal realistic conversation with the family member. So basically it’s a play and lead character is the addict or the alcoholic. They choose people to be their family members. Then there’s a one line that the mom the dad sister brother wife significant other would say back to them if given the chance or would have said. Then they all say it at the same time like around Robin almost. It’s pretty emotional. The people who are playing the characters and the alcoholic/addict and the people in the audience tend to cry. I know I did.

However they all have family therapy. Well for the most part they have family therapy. I know I will not be participating in this, but must sit through. My heart for them. I mean it’s tough I couldn’t imagine.Well, I probably have to do it… Montevida really sad I know.

Silly I looked at the clock it’s 323 – Mike would have left to get Connor from school. I sure hope Connor is having fun at school. I miss him so much.

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