April 18, 2022 A Letter to My Husband And my Son

Love has 100 gentle ends. – Leonora Speyer

Letter’s Never Sent:

Dear Loves,

It’s the first day and I made it. I did it. Making the commitment. I will write you both Every night to tell you about my day. I know you’ll never read my letters, but I’m hoping one day they will be cathartic and helpful. I had Several extensive assessments today and a Covid test (A really weird type of test I’ve never had before where it was not only your nose but your throat too).The day was really a whirlwind.

I was very transparent and incredibly truthful I felt scary and good at the same time. As the truth came out the guilt came. It got worse and worse because the ones I should have been telling the truth and being truly transparent with, honest you, and trusted more ever was my family.

I put my clothes away, put the pictures I had in my wallet of my gorgeous family up on the wall. I hadn’t eaten for nine days even though I tried to order Uber and eat. It wasn’t time to grocery shop yet so I ate half of a BMT from subway they brought me. Well it’s lights out soon, so I have to go until tomorrow!

All my love,


PS. Have a great day tomorrow!

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